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  Private Sessions 

These sessions are an opportunity to gain clarification on various issues ranging from spiritual discernment to individual integration of your life experiences. Here are a few of my skills sets...

  Death & Dying 

  • A Lifetime Navigating Spirituality 
  • Hypnosis / NLP 
  • EMDR for PTSD
  • Spiritual Abuse Of Power 
  • Meditation & Sovereign Practice 

"After my mothers fall she was on 24/7 in-home care through an agency provider. My mother can be difficult, yet Sarah always knew how to keep her satisfied by being responsive to her needs  in an unobtrusive manner. She was always punctual and competent. She was flexible to fill-in for other caregivers to ensure my mothers needs were met. Sarah was my mother's favorite caregiver." 

Kathy S.

Port Townsend, Wa.

"Sarah was the hospice doula for both my parents until they died, six months apart. Sarah dedicated herself daily to bringing positive energy into our lives. Anyone would be fortunete to have Sarah as their guide through significant life events. She is skilled, experienced and nurturing in just the right proportions. I can wholeheartedly recommend her to you. She was a godsend to our family." 

Kristan K.

Portland, Or. 

   Hospice and Counseling 

     authentic spiritual work with no bs



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